The house centipede, notorious for the squeamish reactions of people when they encounter one, is by far one of the creepiest of pests. With its long extension of several body segments and numerous leg count trailing as it crawls along the walls of your home, the house centipede is a true "creepy crawler."

The house centipede can have up to 150 pairs of legs! On average, the house centipede can live up to 7 years. For majority of their life, they spend in the moist darkness and come out during the nocturnal hours to scour for food. Even though poisonous, most house centipede bites are incapable of penetrating the human skin.

The ones that can, only give an effect no worse than a bee sting. Not many people know this, but house centipedes do assist with our home pest control.


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  • Centipedes usually live outside, but the House Centipede you can find inside as well.

  • Centipedes are usually brownish, flattened, and elongate animals which have many body segments.

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