This equipment mainly produce plastic insect boards to trap bugs in the vegetable geenhouse. With High-precision coating glue gun, coating fast, gluing out stability, position accuracy, high precision, simple operation and so on.

The material adopts Reel paper, production processes: automatic release roll -> automatic indentation -> automatic coating glue -> automatic folding(automatic compound) -> automatic slitting -> automatic admission materials.

Following instructions are followed to use it :

They can be found almost anywhere in your home or hotel, here are a few common areas :

  • It is advisable to switch to hunter mosquito killer 3 hours before one retires for the day. One should ensure that the room should be dark and after 3 hours it will be free from mosquitoes.

  • Ensure that the curtains are drawn and no light from an outside source enters the room. Also ensure that machine is at least 2.5 feet from the floor level.

  • To remove the dead mosquitoes turn the bottom lid in anti-clock direction. You can remove the dead mosquitoes immediately by this method.

  • Along and under the edge of wall-to-wall carpeting and under carpet tack strips.

  • The device incorporates UV light source that attracts the mosquitoes and the built-in fan sucks them in and deposits the dead mosquitoes in a holding tray at the bottom of the device.

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